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Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 08:47:10 EDT

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>Subj: Re: Logos Tech Support Rates "F"
>Date: 95-10-09 12:43:46 EDT
>From: (Randy Heskett)
>First, it would help if you identified yourself. Second, what import has
>the Scrivener's text to biblical criticism. Thirdly, several months is
>not a reasonable amount of time to wait for a reply when their product is
>Randall Heskett
>Emmanuel College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto

>How didt my plea for keeping things in persepective offend you so gravely.
 I am glad you are not my teacher. Is it required to be pompous to be on
these academic mail lists? The charge of being "unchristian" in tone had
been levied against someone because of the complaint against Logos. To
complain about bad support is one thing. To start an war over attitudes
because of complaints is another. I have watched such comments cause
discussion to degenerate to a cat fight.

Though it is not germane to the discussion, my name is Kirk DiVietro. I did
not realize that AOL did not carry my ID to the discussion list. I am sorry
that that offended you.
Finally, Scrivener's text is the greek text of the King James Bible. The
value to textual criticism is irrelevent to this discussion. I realize that
it is probably worth nought to most contributors to the list. When I
produced it, I felt that those who regularly use the KJV ought to have access
to the text of their Bible. I have no desire to set off a thread on the
superiority/inferiority of the various texts.

Someone had maligned Logos. I cited my contribution to Logos and my
relationship to the company only to verify my ability to speak with
reasonable credibility to the subject being discussed. I am sorry I
offended you.
Pastor Kirk D. DiVietro
Grace Baptist Church
Franklin, MA

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