Re: dokimazw in Romans 12:2?

From: David Moore (
Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 09:29:15 EDT

"L. E. Brown" <> wrote:

>Also, I'm wondering how the august members of this list read the
>concatenated adjectives in Romans 12:2. Is the entire phrase in
>apposition to TO QELHMA, or is the second adjective in apposition to
>the first, the third in apposition to the second?

        I'll let the "august" refer to my fellow list members, but allow
me just a short comment on this matter. The single article at the head of
the list of adjectives strongly implies that they are to be taken
together. And since QELHMA is the closest neuter noun (corresponding to
the neuter article with the adjectives), it appears that you are correct
in suggesting that the entire phrase is in apposition to TO QELHMA.

David L. Moore Southeastern Spanish District
Miami, Florida of the Assemblies of God Department of Education

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