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Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 17:29:15 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote:
> ADDITION: Scrivener did NOT reconstruct the Greek text used by the AV
> translators (though for all practical purposes he had to). He published the
> 1598 edition of Beza. He then exhibited its differences from TWO different
> translations' Vorlagen: (1) the differences from (his calculation of) the
> Greek text actually followed by the 1611 translators, in an Appendix
> (pp. 648-656), and

Can you be so kind as to post a couple of examples from the
Scrivener's Text where the Greek text followed by the AV
translators differs from Beza's 1598 edition? I'd like to find
out just what kind of a "Scrivener's Text" I own.

The "Scrivener's Text" that is distributed with the Online Bible
is clearly labeled to be an 1894 edition, not 1881 as your copy
indicates. I did an author search in my university's library
system and found out that F.H.A.Scrivener died in 1891, just three
years prior to this "Scrivener's Text." Is it possible that most of
the computerized bible's "Scrivener's Text" versions come from a
later edition, where perhaps this appendix of differences had been
integrated into the main text?

Given that the quote that started this thread explicitly connected
Scrivener's Text and the KJV, I wonder which Scrivener's Text the
original writer was referring to.

Stephen Carlson

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