re: (Fwd) Codes in the Pentateuch

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 14:50:44 EDT

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Eric Weiss wrote:
> To answer two of your questions:
> Jerry Lucas (in THEOMATICS) is using the Greek text, not the AV or an English
> translation.
> The Torah Code people in their Bible Review story discuss how they used other
> books of the Hebrew bible (the article was about their findings in Genesis)
> to test their hypothesis, and they explain what they did or did not find and
> why or why not. It was a short article.

The article in BR is not by the original authors. It was written by (if
I remember correctly, my copy is at home) a psychologist, who was simply
--if enthusiastically-- reporting the conclusions of the original paper.

An important point is that the BR does _not_ say what "wasn't found" in
the other texts that were tested. The article is rather vague on this and
several other points. (This is not to say that the original paper does
not address these points --perhaps it does; so far I've been unable to
find a copy. However I afraid the BR article raises more questions that
it answers).

Specifically what the original authors claimed to have found is the close
_proximity_ of pairs of embedded in the Hebrew text. (For example,
Various names, e.g. "RASHI" and the death-date of the person so named).
The BR simply states that the other texts "fail the test" but it doesn't
say how. For example: Did the words appear, but not sufficiently close
together? Did the words not appear at all (which would be a very
interesting fact in and of itself). Did only some of words (or
proximity-pairs) occur?


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