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For your information...

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Subject: NEW: CSN - Christian Software News mailing list

David John Marotta,
I would greatly appreciate it if you would pass the following announcement
on to the members of your B-GREEK and B-HEBREW mailing lists. Thanks for
your help.
--Jerry Lovett

CSN - Christian Software News mailing list

   Purpose: To keep the Christian community informed of new software
   products as they become available. Product categories covered by
   the list will include most Christian and Church related software
   products including: Bible Study, Clipart, Desktop Publishing,
   Church Management Systems, Edutainment, Games, and miscellaneous
   items such as Christian Screen Savers. Recipients can expect to
   receive one or two emails per week. Product announcements will
   be high on content and low on Marketing hype. This is a one-way
   mailing list in order to control the volume and quality of the
   postings. Anyone wishing to announce new products via this list
   should contact and request the CSN Submission
   Guidelines. Operating systems for the items announced typically
   run about 90-95% Windows/DOS, 5-10% Macintosh, and <1% for others.
   This is not by design, but is the nature of the Christian Software
   Industry. We just print the news, we don't make it.

   To subscribe, send email to
   and in the body of the message put
       SUBSCRIBE CSN FirstName LastName

   To subscribe via the World Wide Web or to obtain back issues:

   Owner: Jerry Lovett <>

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