Greek Lang. vs Theology

From: Bill Renner (
Date: Sat Oct 14 1995 - 12:40:16 EDT

This was a very good list and very useful in understanding the Greek of
the NT. We seem to have gotten more on the theology question than the
language question.To me there is two way to look at the Bible. 1. The
Bible is the word of God and is: the truth. 2. The Bible contains the
word of God and is: true. How we accept one or the other is a matter of
faith and you can not argue faith. I accept the number 2. concept and
respect all that accept the number 1: concept. Do not try to continuly
try to change my understanding of the Bible and its origins. I do not
want to step on any ones toes, but *PLEASE* let us see if we can get
back to the original purpose of the list, that is the translation of the
Greek in the NT.

Bill Renner
1427 Cardinal Dr.
West Columbia, SC 29169

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