Re: 1Cor. 14:14

Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 15:21:54 EDT

Ken, you appear to be hung up on the word "ecstasy." A good book that helped
me a great deal is John P. Kildahl, The Psychology of Speaking in Tongues.
 The word ecstasy does not mean that a person who has had this experience
cannot turn it on or off at will, but that the sounds being made are not
consciously controlled by the normal speech mechanisms so that human speech
is created. Kildahl is a psychologists and has done much research in the
modern phenomena and also ancient documents.

If the word "ecstasy" is unacceptable, psychologists often use the word
"dissociative." Either way the sounds made are not consciously controlled by
the speech mechanism in the brain. there are many kinds of dissociative
experiences, such as a laugh or hypnotism. In religion, these experiences
occur because of strong emotional involvement and are good or bad in accord
with what they produce in the believer and his/her relationships with others
and God.

Carlton Winbery

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