Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 17:38:01 EDT

Re. 1 Ti 3.2:

J. N. D. Kelly notes that the text emphasizes the "one" (MIAS GUNAIKOC ANDRA),
which in his opinion lessens the likelihood of a reference to polygamy,
adultery. Thus Paul (?) seems to be talking about remarriage.

Kelly says: "there is abundant evidence, from both literature and funerary
inscriptions, pagan and Jewish, that to remain unmarried after the death of
one's spouse or after divorce was considered meritorious, while to marry again
was taken as a sign of self-indulgence" (p. 75 of *A Commentary on the Pastoral
Epistles*). Of course, he doesn't provide the cross-references for this
material, so I'm not sure where to find it.

Grace and peace,

Perry L. Stepp, Baylor University

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