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From: Johnny Stovall Ph.D. (
Date: Sun Oct 15 1995 - 19:54:41 EDT

Greetings Fellow Servants!

L.E. Brown asked 3 Bible study groups on the internet if anyone knew
where one could do graduate Biblical studies on the internet.

Yes! I've been working with brothers from the USA and Asia to offer
terminal degrees using the internet as our primary vehicle for
instruction for the past 5 months.
I came to Singapore and Indonesia in 1971 sponsored by the department
of education in Indonesia. I went back to teach Bible and graduate
computer science in Texas for a few years at the two leading universities
in North Texas. I originally returned to Indonesia teaching again for
the government here. Those students were originally limited to
government officals who were getting graduate degrees from American,
Japanese, British and Australian universities.

Now we have expanded our program to accept students from anywhere
who are willing to really work to obtain an American standard graduate
Biblical education in cooperation with local and American professors.

Many people would like to do advanced biblical education but cannot
afford to leave their service to sit in a classroom for a few years. Our
program is geared to keep them serving while they learn.

I have other contacts in the Ukraine and other places where they are
happy to continue serving.

Please have anyone interested in Biblical education via the WWW
contact me.

Since Jesus quoted LXX more than MT we encourage our students to
become very fluent in Greek though their studies via the WWW and
personal visits from their profressors.

Anyone who wants to see one small example of how effective learning
can be in a non-traditional mode can read my dissertation "A
Comparasion of Recall Among University Bible Students After
Discussion And After Self-Study." One interesting thing about this
dissertation is that it showed that although students thought they
learned more from discussion the unbiased computer grading system
actually showed that they learned more with a little direction and
self-study in the same amount of time.
Johnny Stovall Ph.D. locally named suguru (su=good, guru=teacher)

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