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>Carl Conrad wrote;
>>It would appear that Mark understands the first feeding of >5,000 as a
>"Jewish" feeding with 12 baskets of crumbs left
>>over, the second feedingof 4,000 as a "Gentile" feeding with 7 >baskets of
>crums left over.<
>Then Mark 8:4 in tha account of the second feeding is most interesting when
>the disciples respond to Jesus, "How can anyone find enough food to feed so
>many?" They really had faulty memories didn't they?
>Carlton Winbery
>LA College, Pineville, LA

I cite the exchange that Carlton and I had subsequently:
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Subject: Re: Fwd: The feedings

Yeah, they did! Mark emphasizes THAT, too! My students refer to this as
"Mark's Dumb Disciples theme." What do your students refer to it as?
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 17:43:09 -0400
From: WINBROW@aol.com
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My students like Metzger's term, "dunderheads." I intended to send that post
to the list. If I didn't and you can, please forward it.

Carlton (getting old I guess)

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