2 more Q refs, etc.

From: Paul Moser (PMOSER@cpua.it.luc.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 11:54:00 EDT

Students of Q would do well to read Arland Hultgren,
*The Rise of Normative Christianity* (Fortress, 1994),
31-41, "The Q Community." See also A. Polag, "The
Theological Center of the Sayings Source," in P.
Stuhlmacher, ed., *The Gospels and the Gospels*
(Eerdmans, 1991).

It is certainly dubious at best to assume that the
Q sources alone ever served as a "gospel" for an
early Christian community. Koester and Crossan
need to assume otherwise to prop up their untenable
account of the origins of Christianity, but their
unfortunate speculations can and should be
separated from the issue of Q sources. For decisive
criticisms of the Koester/Crossan speculations
about Christian origins, see: C.M. Tuckett, "Q and
Thomas," *Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses* 67 (1991),
346-60; Harold Attridge, "Reflections on Research into
Q," *Semeia* 55 (1992), 222-34; and E.P. Meadors,
"The Orthodoxy of the Q Sayings of Jesus," *Tyndale
Bulletin* 43 (1992), 233-57. On Crossan's peculiar
wishful thinking, see R.E. Brown, "The Gospel of Peter
and Canonical Gospel Priority," *New Testament Studies*
33 (1987), 321-43. We certainly should throw out
the bath water, but not the baby with it.--Paul Moser,
Loyola University of Chicago.

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