Some questions on Mark 1

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Sun Oct 15 1995 - 23:16:16 EDT

   I would appreciate some help with a few syntactical questions on Mark 1:21-
1. In 1:21 Mark has tois Sabbasin, a dat. pl., even though it would seem he
is describing an event which happened on one Sabbath day (presumably one does
not immediately appear in a synagogue several Sabbath days in a row). Why the

2. 1:24. The demon(s) say Ti (hmin kai soi, meaning something like
What is there to us and to you, I think. What kind of sentence is that?
Is the spirit stupid as well as unclean?

3. 1:26. Is it reasonable to take the two occurences of kai in this
sentence as going together "After having both convulsed the man and
cried out with a great cry, the unclean spirit..."?

4. 1:35. prwi ennucha lian is a problem for me. prwi means early.
ennuchos, according to BAGD, means at night. lian means very, exceedingly.
Yet, BAGD says this phrase means "early in the morning" or "while it was
still quite dark". Neither of those seems to follow from the meanings of
the individual words, and I didn't get from BAGD that this is some sort of
common idiom. It seemed more like one of mark's tortured cosntructions.
Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA

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