Question on Luke 2:7

From: Keith A. Clay (
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 04:51:03 EDT

In luke 2:7, there is a phrase, "OUK NV AUTOIJ TOPOJ EV TW KATALUMATI".
Does this mean that there was no room for them (specifically them, but
plenty of room for anyone else) or the "no vancy" sign was on. D.B. Wallace
in his Preliminary Draft ( May1994) of "An Exegetical Syntax Of The Greek
New Testament", under the "Dative Case" ( pg 122 - "Dative of Possession")
says that it can be translated, "There was no place for them in the inn", or
"They had no place in the inn". It seems to me there is a difference here,
is there?

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