UBS electronic version

From: Per Baekgaard (
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 05:47:38 EDT

Someone asked for an electronic version of the UBS-4/NA-27 recently, and
as I haven't seen anyone supplying the following info let me add that:

The UBS-3 corr. main text (w/o variants), which is identical to the UBS-4
(as far as I know) can be found at
Look for the file, which also contains parsing info for each
word. There are several .txt files describing the format.

This file is in a format suitable for automated processing, but assuming
one can do a little programming/scripting, it is not all that difficult
to convert it to some other desired format.

I believe James Tauber might have some corrections that should be applied
to it, but I couldn't locate these today.

Maybe this wasn't what was being looked for, but anyway,

-- Per.

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