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Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 11:51:47 EDT

On Wed, 11 Oct 1995, David Moore wrote:

> Unmentioned, but, IMHO, present in most open discussions of the
>topic of the gifts of the Spirit is the fairly-widely-held cessationist
>position which posits that legitimate charismatic gifts ceased to function
>at the end of the apostolic period. I've traced the idea back as far as
>Calvin (although Eusebius and some others might have expressed at least a
>similar attitude) who had been negatively impressed by some of the
>doctrines and practices of the Montanists, although they predate him by
>several centuries.

Carroll Osburn, in a lecture entitled "That which is perfect" given at Abilene
Christian College (now University) in 1976, noted cessationist quotations from
Hegemonius in the fourth century (quoted from C.H. Beeson, _Hegemonius: Acta
Archelai_ in GCS (1906), XVI, p. 60) and John Chrysostom in the early fifth
(in _Homiliae in I Epistles ad Corinthios_ 13:8). For quotations and
references see:

Osburn, Carroll D. 1976. That which is perfect, 138-171. In "Freedom in
   Christ": the Abilene Christian College Annual Bible Lectures. Abilene, TX:
   Abilene Christian College Book Store.

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