Re: Eph. 4:9 , A.T. Robertson & Blass-Debrunner-Funk

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 11:14:57 EDT

I won't cite the whole previous correspondence on the issue, especially as
it is current and can be traced in sequence at the archive, but it occurs
to me that the understanding of TA KATWTERA THS GHS as Hades might perhaps
draw a little support from the common Latin phrase for the underworld,
INFERI (nom. pl., "those below") and the still more common prepositional
phrase IN INFERIS (ab. pl., "among those below") which is one of the more
idiomatic Latin equivalents of the Greek EN hADOU (lit. "in Hades'

It's beside the point, I guess, that I personally don't favor this
understanding of TA KATWTERA GHS. In fact, I've also always preferred to
understand the clause in the Apostles' Creed, "he descended into Hell" as
meaning, "he died a real death" (as opposed to a Docetic view, he only
apparently died).

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