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From: Rod Decker (
Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 22:14:01 EDT

>Are there many exceptions to the Granville-Sharp rule in the New Testament
>Greek? Dana and Mantey include this rule on p. 147 under The Special Uses of

You need to look at Dan Wallace's dissertation (Dallas, '95) which is an
exhaustive treatment of G-S (the person and the rule). As stated in D&M it
is not adequately qualified, though G-S himself did provide qualifications.
Wallace's research confirms the rule and refines the statement of it. If
you need the exact diss. title, let me know and I'll get it from my study.
It's also worth reading G-S himself, though his book is not easy to find in
American libraries.

Wallace's intermediate grammar (due, hopefully!, next month from Zondervan)
will have a good discussion at a less technical level (judging based on the
pre-pub draft MS I've used).


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