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From: David Rising (
Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 20:35:12 EDT

On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, Matthew Ashley Morgan wrote:

> As any serious Bible student or scholar is aware, I Tim. 2:15 stands
> as one of the hardest passages to interpret, even among conservative
> Bible-believing evangelicals. From what I've been able to dig up in my own
> exegetical work, I have so many more questions now than before I even started:
> (1) Is the verb 'sozo' to be taken in a redemptive or spiritual sense?
> Why? If 'redemptive', how can we prevent an intrusion on the doctrine of
> justification by faith alone?

That's a difficult passage, and I'm not prepared to answer it thoroughly.
Although not conclusive, check out Stanley Porter's "What Does it Mean to
be `Saved by Childbirth' (I Timothy 2:15) _JSNT_ 49 (1993): 87-102. There
was also an article in _BibSac_ by Bowman (?) which summarized the various
positions held (6 I believe). Perhaps a larger question (which Porter
raises) needs to be first answered, "Who is the subject of SWQHSETAI?" Is
it Eve (since ADAM was introduced in 2:14)? Mary? A woman in general? An
Ephesian woman?
> (2) What's the best way to understand the preposition, 'dia,' and the
> force implied behind it?

DIA with the genative probably has the normal (BAGD) agency/instrument
meaning. Check out the other 7 occurrances of DIA w/ SWZW and you may
find something.

. . . quick thoughts as I choke down my dinner.

David Rising

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