2 Tim 2:15

From: David John Marotta (djm5g@virginia.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 19 1995 - 09:53:53 EDT

On the discussion of 2 Tim 2:15 the passage reads:

she shall be saved (through child-birth/child-rasing) IF she continues
in faith.

I think the the dia + gen in this case is the circumstantial use.
through the circumstance of child-raising. (There is also the
question of child-raising verses child birth. The question both
here and in the curse in Genesis is "Is it just child-birth, or
else the whole process of child-raising, parallel to Adam's work
(toiling with the weeds of the ground) being cursed so is Eve's work
of raising the children.

At any rate, if you take out the circumstantial "through the circumstance
of child-raising" you have the statement:

she shall be saved if she continues in faith.

Which I believe is very orthodox and uncontroversial.

These are my rememberances of having studied this passage, and I
invite comments.

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