Re: Greek TMA, II

From: Philip L. Graber (
Date: Sun Oct 22 1995 - 16:35:59 EDT

On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, Vincent DeCaen wrote:

> > Then you DO think that C can change constantly from one sentence to the
> > next? This seems to take away the helpfulness of identifying a C at all.
> not really. does it take away from personal deixis that the first
> person jumps back and forth in dialogue? these categories are well
> established, who would deny them?

This seems quite different to me. First person jumping back and forth is
part of how we know it is a dialogue. It jumps back and forth because
there is more than one person. But what does it mean for C to keep
shifting? Can the time of utterance change within an utterance? Personal
dexis can shift when there is more than one person. Under what conditions
is there more than one point of reference for time?

BTW, thanks for your reply, Vincent, and especially the explanation of
your rejection of future as a tense. That does make sense.

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