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From: Matthew Ashley Morgan (mmorgan@masters.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 17:00:54 EDT

Just a suggestion,

I pretty much got what was comming to me when I went out on a "limb" arguing
about the whole 'Q' issue. Whether you agree with me or not, Mr Conrad did
have a point [I must confess] that this is a "GREEK" list, and for us to
waste time arguing over things such as "copyright laws" is really cursory
to the real issues. Maybe these kinds of things need discussing
periodically, and I do acknowledge their improtance. I'm only asking [as
Carl asked me] for us to get back to what we're here for....And that's to
discuss GREEK. Let's not turn this list into a bunch of corrupt politions!!!

With Much Gratitude,

Matthew Morgan
The Master's College

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