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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 20:54:31 EDT

At 4:00 PM 10/20/95, Matthew Ashley Morgan wrote:
>Just a suggestion,
>I pretty much got what was comming to me when I went out on a "limb" arguing
>about the whole 'Q' issue. Whether you agree with me or not, Mr Conrad did
>have a point [I must confess] that this is a "GREEK" list, and for us to
>waste time arguing over things such as "copyright laws" is really cursory
>to the real issues. Maybe these kinds of things need discussing
>periodically, and I do acknowledge their improtance. I'm only asking [as
>Carl asked me] for us to get back to what we're here for....And that's to
>discuss GREEK. Let's not turn this list into a bunch of corrupt politions!!!

While I appreciate support for my request that we not let our very real
theological differences enter overtly into our discussion of issues of the
meaning of Greek texts and I do indeed think that ourprimary focus should
be on Greek texts and matters that have a direct bearing on our
understanding of the Greek text (and let me say that I find this current
thread on Present and Aorist usage very helpful--I'm learning things I
could have used thirty years ago!), I want to say that I think this matter
of the proper use and crediting of materials posted to the list is not at
all tangential. We are in relatively uncharted waters here and I am not
altogether satisfied that copyright laws bear upon list communications in a
way that courts would support (of course, I would hope that these
communications wouldnever enter into courtroom dispute). But it is
important, I think, that we have conventions of agreed legitimate use of
materials posted to the list. It seems to me that reproduction of materials
to and for members of the list is fair (for that matter, the archive set up
so kindly for us by James Tauber is publicly accessible, whether or not we
would say that those materials are in the "public domain." My own
considered opinion on this matter is that use of these materials off of the
list or reproducing them for use of non-list members ought to be done only
with the permission of participants. That's the policy I followed earlier
this year myself in reproducing here postings to the Ioudaios list on the
Magdalen College Matthew papyrus. It seems not too much to ask.

I would hope that we could agree readily upon policy here, whether or not
we have any means of enforcing it. I do think the matter is important to
the functioning of the list, despite the fact that it's, as was once

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