Re: Lk 11:8 Whose ANAIDEIA?

Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 10:07:40 EDT


I think, though I'm weak here, that the sociologists and the antropologists
could bring some light here.

William Countryman (sp?) wrote a book recently call something like "Money,
Sex and Greed" by Fortress. In which, despite the sensational title, he
deals with the notion of clean and unclean and dealt, if I remember right,
with the notion of honor and shame, which underlies the reason the
householder ought to be eager to get up. This angle might shed light on the
use of anaideia rather than AISXUNH.

Despite my reservations about the Jesus Seminar, their translation of v. 8 is
what I read.

Just a minister trying to face the text on its own terms,

Stan Helton

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