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> > Actually, due to the work of Colwell, Clark, Streeter, Royse, and
> > Head, it
> > has been shown that due to various factors scribes were more likely
> > to omit
> > than to add to the text.
> Well, actually that depends on the size of the omission. When you're dealing
> with a small unit of text, scribes were indeed more likely to skip part of a
> line than to repeat something they'd just copied. But when dealing with a
> larger unit of text, scribes were more likely to interpolate than omit.
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        It is also good to know the MSS individually, if possible. MSS
that show indications of having, in their genealogy, a copy made from an
oral reading of the original are more apt to omit words that might seem
not essential to the meaning than are those copied from a textual original.

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