Re: Porter on the present

From: Karen Pitts (
Date: Sun Oct 22 1995 - 10:10:47 EDT

I just wanted to thank everyone (Philip Graber, Vincent DeCaen, Bruce Terry,
Mari Olsen, Kenneth Litwak, Rod Decker, David Moore, Ladislav Tichy, my
apologies if I left anyone off!) for contributing to this topic. I've been
reading Porter and have been of two minds whether to trust his system,
especially since he only quotes himself for support of his view point (but a
recent development interprets . . . ., footnote Porter, Verbal Aspect).

What I still don't understand is whether to abandon the system I learned
(afterall, I have to teach the aorist next week) or whether to let all this
stuff come in by osmosis and work with an amalgam of linguistic systems. How
are you all who are teaching Greek approaching this problem? Any thoughts or
suggestions for a lowly, mostly-self educated, but diligent NT Greek scholar?

Thanks again. It's topics like this that make the 30 minutes a day it takes
to read my mail worth it.

Karen Pitts
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, NJ, teacher of NT Greek
David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ, statistician

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