Re: rom 7.18-25

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Fri Oct 27 1995 - 03:26:08 EDT


   Just a quick note on a very difficult passage, which has consumed
gallons of ink. There are several different views of what is going on
in Romans 7
1. It is autobiographical, before conversion
2. It refers to humans in general
3. It refers to Israel
4. It is autobiographical, after conversion
There may be other views, but these seem to be the main contenders.
I can't begin to rehearse all the argumetns for or against. What I
found really helpful was to read in parallel Cranfield, Moo and Dunn
on Romans, each giving a somewhat different view, therefore arguing
better for or against other views. Cranfield in particular is good
at listing positions, though I disagree with him that this is
post-coversion autobiographical. If that is the case, it would seem
Romans 8 makes no sense contextually.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA

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