Re: rom 7.18-25

From: Christian Diederichs (
Date: Mon Oct 30 1995 - 14:09:00 EST

On Sunday, 29 Oct 1995, Bruce Terry wrote:

>On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Kenneth Litwak wrote:
>> Just a quick note on a very difficult passage, which has consumed
>>gallons of ink. There are several different views of what is going on
>>in Romans 7
>>1. It is autobiographical, before conversion
>>2. It refers to humans in general
>>3. It refers to Israel
>>4. It is autobiographical, after conversion
>5. It refers to humans, including Paul, apart from the Spirit of God

6. It refers to all Christian believers
    (Luther's opinion: the believer as 'simul iustus et peccator')
7. It refers to Adam's fall ('Suendenfall' as we call it in German) in Rom
7:7-13 and to the consequences of his fall in Rom 7:14-25
Christian Diederichs, Goettingen (Germany)

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