Re: Periphrastic Aorist

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Oct 30 1995 - 16:23:23 EST

I would just like to add (or subtract?) from this discussion of
periphrastic forms that it's not so much a matter of regular forms as of
substitutes for regular forms, and that the use of participles with forms
of EINAI goes back at least to the use of the ptc with EISIN in the 3 pl.
pf. MP: where, for instance, in place of the older Homeric TETAGATAI (where
the vocalic N has changed to A), classical Greek tends to write TETAGMENOI
EISIN. Another not uncommon classical periphrastic form is EXW with aorist
ptc. as a sort of periphrastic perfect: e.g. EXW FUGHSAS AUTON for "I have
chased him off" = "now that I got him chased off, I keep him that way."

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