Date: Tue Oct 31 1995 - 19:22:37 EST

        In reference to what TO TELEION refers to I've always thought the
verbal similarities between 13:10 and 14:20 were interesting. In particular
13:10, 11 contain forms of TELION(perfect), NHPIOS (CHILD), PHRHN (thinking).
Chapter 14:20 also has forms of these words. Could it be that Paul's point
is the explicit statement at what he hinted at in 13:10. Namely that he wants
them to grow up in their thinking. When they do so they will not place the
extreme emphasis on the "visible" gifts and they (the gifts) will in a sense
pass away. So then the gifts do not literally go away but fade into the
background as love is exalted as the most excellent way. JUst a thought.
Darren Williamson

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