Re: Final sigma in fonts

From: Will Wagers (
Date: Wed Nov 01 1995 - 18:06:59 EST

Get "popchar 2.7.1" for the Mac off the Net- it allows you to insert any
single character from a little box that stays in your main menu bar and
turns into a list of the current font. I use it for this problem. It solves
other problems as well, depending on what software you are using and what
features are enabled.

Good luck, Will

>Final sigma problems are caused when you have smart quotes turned on your
>word processor. It turns the double quote character (final sigma in most
>Greek fonts) into the" option-[" character. This is a problem with the
>mapping of most of the Greek fonts for the Macintosh (SuperGreek
>[Linguists], Alexandria [Zondervan], Mounce, but not Helena [acCordance]).
>We are working on a new font that will move this character and a utility
>for changing your text files over to the newmapping. We will also make it
>agree with the Windows side.
>Bill Mounce

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