The Ecole Initiative: Call for Articles

From: Anthony F. Beavers (
Date: Sun Nov 05 1995 - 20:17:06 EST

                   The Ecole Initiative: Call for Articles
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The Ecole (Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia) Initiative is seeking
contributions from qualified authors on all aspects of Church history up
to 1500 CE. Articles on topics that pre-exist the early Church, but which
are still relevant to it in some way, are also needed. These may include
topics on ancient Judaism, ancient Greece and Rome, other early religious
traditions, etc.

The Ecole Initiative is an effort on the part of scholars across the
internet to build a hypertext encyclopedia of early Church history on the
World-Wide Web. Though the Initiative is still in its initial stages,
already it is visited 100 times daily from beyond the University of
Evansville, where it is based. Along with the main title index, Ecole
includes a growing glossary intimately related to a two-dimensional
(temporal and geographical) chronology and a documents page that points to
over 100 primary source documents related to early Church history stored
on the World-Wide Web.

To find out more, please visit the site at:


Or you may email me at In addition, I will be
available for consultation at the November meeting of the American
Academy of Religion.

Tony Beavers


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