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From: Rod Decker (
Date: Tue Nov 07 1995 - 07:30:25 EST

Although I'm not sure what happened to the subject line???...

>>I am using with great success James Voelz, Fundamental Greek Grammar (

Voelz is a first year textbook and I don't think would be at all suitable
for what Phil requested. I used it for first year for a numbr of years, but
have since switched to Mounce and found it much better. Porter's _Idioms_
or Young's _Intermediate_ would both be better, but neither are really
"advanced grammar"--though if the proposed reading course assumes only 1
year of Greek, then they are probably most appropriate. If something a bit
"heavier" is desired, then I think Wallace's syntax will be worth looking
at (if and when it ever appears--it's now been pushed back to spring).
Based on the draft MS I've been using, it will be more exhaustive than the
other two noted--perhaps even to exhaustive for 3d semester students.

>>This together with Bowne's "Greek Practice" on the Mac make for a very
>>enjoyable and productive semester.

Can anyone pass along any further info on this program?



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