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Date: Fri Nov 10 1995 - 09:18:23 EST

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Allan Lyons wrote:

> I am looking for any information/resources (books, articles, URLs,
> etc.) that deal with discourse analysis and the Biblical text. How is
> discourse analysis used? What does discourse analysis offer to the
> biblical scholar? etc. If anyone is interested, they could contact me
> for a summary.

George Guthrie's volume, _The Structure of Hebrews_, is an impressive
example of the insights which a careful application of discourse analysis
can bring to a thorny problem. Guthrie spends a good deal of space
surveying previous attempts at clarifying the structure of Hebrews and
goes on to explain the fundamentals of discourse analysis before working
on Hebrews itself. It should also be noted that Guthrie's particular
brand of analysis makes room for ancient forms and techniques of
argumentation (i.e. respect for both Hellenistic rhetoric and Jewish
methods of scriptural exposition, etc.), something which some practitioners
of the method do not do.

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