Re: Fw: subscription lapse?

From: James K. Tauber (
Date: Fri Nov 10 1995 - 12:23:25 EST

The timing is unbelievable, but I have some bad news to report. This
evening, I did an operating system upgrade on my machine (aka and remembered to backup all the disk partitions except one.

This one, now lost contained:

        All the mailing list archives I maintain (including b-greek,
        greek-grammar, nt-mss and the entmp announce mailing list)

        The subscription lists for greek-grammar, nt-mss and the entmp
        announce mailing list.

        All the web pages, including the Hellenistic Greek Linguistics
        pages, the ENTMP pages and a multitude of others.

This is entirely my fault and I'm devastated. I ask you all for your
patience as I try to rebuild what I can. When I get things up and
running, I'll let b-greek know and everyone who was on one of my lists
will have to resubscribe again. I hope this situation with b-greek isn't
as bad.

I'm truly sorry.

James K. Tauber <>
University Computing Services and Centre for Linguistics
University of Western Australia, Perth, AUSTRALIA finger for PGP key

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