Re: Romans 5:1-6

Date: Fri Nov 10 1995 - 16:47:17 EST

After receiving Carl Conrad's comments I went back and
reread one of the older grammars (Summers) on the use
of the "intermediate agent" reflected by the genitive case.
Summers, using the additional case system, makes this
ablative rather than genitive. I also found an interesting
comment on this is Dunn's work on Romans.

So, if Carl and others are right then "Jesus Christ ('HSOU
CHRISTOU == ablative or genitive) is the agent
through whom God 'gives' us peace (EIRHNH)."

Maurice O'Sullivan's statement based on the Louw-Nida
Lexicon seems to contradict Conrad's understanding of ASQENWN
(verse 6) as "moral incapacitation." Nevertheless, the translation,
"when we could not do anything about it," appears to give the
sense of the text, though it doesn't make a moral evaluation.
James Clardy

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