Keleusma -- 1Thess 4:16

From: Ray Mattera (
Date: Tue Nov 14 1995 - 20:54:14 EST


For data on keleusma (you might also want to study the cognate verb, keleuo) in
extra-biblical sources, try some old standbys: For example, review keleusma in
the Bauer, Arndt, Gingrich and Denker lexicon (p. 427). Also, a discussion of
keleusma can be found in the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (vol.
3, pp. 656ff.) and the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
(vol. 1, pp. 341f. and 408ff.). Additionally, you can glean a wealth of insight
from a commentary. One suggestion would be F. F. Bruce's commentary on 1 & 2
Thess. in the Word Biblical Commentary (there are many others). These sources
will provide some bibliography as well. If you are really ambitious, look for
critical articles on 1Th4:16/keleusma/keleuo in the journals.

That should be enough to get you going.

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