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You asked...
<<I subscribed to this list because I need some information for a paper
I'm writing. I need to know how the word "keleuma" which is translated
"shout" in 1 Thessalonians 4, 16 is used in extra-Biblical literature.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also could used some
documentation for footnoting.>>

  You'll find KELEUSMA (or KELEUSMATOS) used by
Josephus in Antiquities 17:140, 199
Philo in Abr. 116
Proverbs 30:27, LXX

  I particularly like the image in Proverbs (LXX), since I can imagine
hearing the sound of the locusts coming. (Note that the Hebrew Masoretic
reads a bit differently. The LXX translators may have read KuLo "all of
them" as KoL "voice".)

  Good luck.

  Tim Staker

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