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Date: Mon Nov 13 1995 - 20:43:51 EST

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> In a message dated 95-11-13 01:27:31 EST, you write:
> >No general rule will do here. You have to consider each individual NT
> >writer on his of her own.
> Ed, are you just being inclusive, or do you have an interesting theory
> of a woman NT writer?
> I'm aware of the theory that one of the Penteteuch writers was possibly
> a woman, but I hadn't heard of one on NT female authorship.
> I'm not being picky, I'm...
> just curious,
> Tim Staker
        Some have conjectured that Priscilla wrote Hebrews. They say
that the book went out anonymously because a woman's being a teacher in
Christian circles of that day wasn't readily accepted by most. IMO,
Apollos is a more probable guess, though.

David Moore

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