Re: NT authorship

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Nov 15 1995 - 11:46:54 EST

At 11:08 PM 11/14/95, Edgar M. Krentz wrote:
>Tim, it's just the pure habit developed to use inclusive language in
>teaching at a seminary where 50% of the students are women. I have no
>theory about women authorship of any NT book--outside of telling students
>of Adolf von Harnack's theory about Priscilla as the author of Hebrews.
>What David Moore wrote is on target, though, like Origen, I hold that God
>alone knows who wrote Hebrews.
>I am not against such a theory on principle; but at present I know of no
>serious reason to hold that a woman wrote any NT book.

Now, I really don't understand all this posturing. ;-) There are many
indeed on this list who hold God to be the author of the Bible, and here we
are denying that She wrote it!

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