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>From: Paul Watkins <>
>Date: 16 Nov 95 10:20:20 EST
>Subject: question
>Is eternity eternity or something else? Please send responses directly
>to me as I am not currently subscribed. Thank you.
>Paul Watkins
>Grace College and Seminary

  I wish you'd fill out your question a little more, since I'm not sure
exactly what you mean, but I'll give it my 2c worth in answering.

  Biblically, the phrase "eternity" is often a direct reference to God,
rather than to the endless expanse of years.

   It may have something to do with the practice of avoiding the divine name
as seen in the Gospels.
   For example, instead of saying "God blesses the poor in spirit", Jesus
says "Blessed are the poor in heart in spirit". This is called the "divine
   Similarly, Matthew uses the phrase "the Kingdom of Heaven", when referring
to the "Kingdom of God".
   The phrase "eternal life" in John (and elsewhere), at the heart of it,
 really means "life with God"-- "eternal" being a synonym for the Divine.
    Similar usage is found in calling God "the Almighty". Adjectives that
describe the qualities of God are used as names in place of saying the divine
name, or at times, even instead of saying God.

     Is this the kind of answer you were looking for?

     Tim Staker

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