Re: Cessationism...

Date: Fri Nov 10 1995 - 08:50:33 EST

Dr. Conrad:

   Did the following post get to the list? I did not receive any posts from
the b-greek for about 3 days. I resubscribed yesterday. Perhaps my post
about spiritual gifts was such a shock dumped me from
the list :-) :-).

<<Is HASAN PANTES of Acts 2:1 refering to the Apostles only or can it be
reasonably expanded to the 120? The nearest antecedent is ENDEKA APOSTOLOWN,
so this is what I have have always taken it to mean.

    I am not asking for doctinal positions, but only what the text says.


   I know this this is a very elementary question, but it is a key one in WHO
received the gifts on this occasion.

Sorry to bother you with this triviality.
Thanks, Byron

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