1 Cor 15:29

From: Daniel Hedrick (hedrickd@ochampus.mil)
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 08:19:10 EST

My first experience of meeting a cyberspace
inhabitant was witha gentleman named
Alma Alred. He is a professor at The Univ of Utah.

He came to Denver and met with me and my family.

One strong topic that was part of the night focused
around baptism for the dead.

The way I see this verse is that Paul is speaking about
"they" a different group of people other than themselves
as it regards "what shall they do who baptize for the dead".

So this was the focus of my apologetic...but Alma came back
with something to the effect that there are many times
in the greek where Paul uses "they" and certainly not
refering to outsiders. He did not give any examples at the
time...but I was hoping for a more diliberate exegete
from this passage from you.

Please help.

Evagelical Polemist

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