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You wrote:
>According to J. A. Bengel's "New Testament Word Studies" (Grand Rapids,
>Michigan: Kregel Publications, p. 728), concerning Thomas' statement at
>John 20:28, it is said that "Artemonius brings forward a new
>that Thomas calls Jesus Lord, and the Father who inseparably exists in
>him, God:..." Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the work of
>Artemonius (original language or translation) in which he explains
>himself on this verse (20:28)?

I'll give you what can be given. Artemon was an adoptionist who was
hereticized [to my knowledge] He was picked up by a unitarian named Samuel
Crell [See Bengel on John 1:1] in a work entitled _Initium evangelii
Joannis ex antiquitate ecclesiastica restitutum, who is one of those whom
Johan Albrecht Bengel opposes.

The works of Artemon [or Artemas] do not survive. He is cited or referred
to in Eusebiuis, _Hist. Ecc._ 5.28; Epiphanius, _Haer._ 65.1. 4 and other
sources. You can find these and other references in the brief entry on
Artemon in the second edition of the _Oxford Dictionary of the Christian
Church_, p. 94.


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