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Date: Wed Nov 22 1995 - 09:00:51 EST

Paul Watkins wrote,
>In Rev. 3:10 a promise is given to the Church of Philadelphia stating that
>God will "keep them from the hour of trial" - THRHSW EK THS WRAS TON PEIRASMOU.
>As I read this, it promises protection within the world during
>the hour of trial. Compared with the only other construction of this
>kind in John 17:15, "I do not pray that You take them out of the world,
>but that
>you keep them from evil" - THRHSHS AUTOUS EK TOU PONHROU, that
>interpretation seems substantiated. However pretrib writers demand that
>THRHSW EK in Rev. 3:10 mean to be removed out of the world, i.e. Rapture before
>the hour of trial. It seems to me that every grammar or lexicon
>I consult asserts Rev. 3:10 to promise protection from within, not
>exemption out
>Is there anyone who can make a case for THRHSW EK in Rev. 3:10 meaning to
>out of- in the sense which requires a rapture beforehand?
>Please respond directly to me as I am not currently subscribed. Thank you
>for your help, this list has been a great help to me for quite some time.

I would first say that the answer to your question has a lot to do with the
writer's use of language. He often makes statements that seem clear on the
surface but must be seen in light of the overall message of a given

The verb THRHEW with the preposition EK can mean to "keep from" or to
"protect from." The later would not necessarily mean to "remove from." In
fact I would prefer the later in John 17:15 - "that you protect them from
the evil one." I know this is contrary to the translation in Brooks &
Winbery, Syntax, p.22. I think maybe Jim Brooks did that one.

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