Status of B-Greek

From: Bruce Terry (terry@BIBLE.ACU.EDU)
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 23:57:47 EST

For a few recepients this message may be a duplicate of one send two days ago.
Most of the people to whom it was sent at that time never received it. I
learned the hard way that most mail programs will not accept messages with 263
names in the header line. :)

This message is being sent to everyone who was subscribed to the B-Greek
listserver on Oct. 10th. If you have since unsubscribed or if you have
alrea resubscribed, please ignore this message.

Apparently 11 days ago (Wed. Nov. 8th) the subscription list for B-Greek was
lost, although B-Greek-Digest continued to function correctly. The following
Friday morning when Carl Conrad checked the subscription list (with a WHO
B-GREEK command to majordomo), he discovered that there were only two names on
the B-Greek subscription list. On that same day (or perhaps it was already
Saturday in Australia where it is located), the archive for B-Greek at was accidently lost (talk about coincidences!).

Since that time, the subscription list for B-Greek has now grown to over 60
names (plus over 140 names on B-Greek-Digest). Over half of the people who
seem to be the most frequent posters have now resubscribed. James Tauber has
gotten the archive back in working order (although postings before this week
have been lost), and it can be checked on World Wide Web at:

If you have not already resubscribed and you wish to be on the B-Greek list
once again, please send the message

subscribe b-greek


Please do not send your subscribe request to B-Greek. It will not work.

If you were wondering what happened to B-Greek and this is the first you have
heard, you have Karen Pitts to thank for providing this "who" list with your
address on it. My apologies go to the sixty-someodd people who have already
resubscribed and who are receiving this message anyway because I don't feel
like taking the time to try to compare the Oct. 10th subscribers against the
current subscribers.

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