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From: Rod Rogers (rrogers@indy.net)
Date: Sun Nov 26 1995 - 22:14:11 EST

Hi Jack,

How'd the holidays go? I had a nice time with the family. Hope you had a
safe trip.

I still have those Chi Writer manuals if you need them. Just let me know.

My mail program corrupted on me the other day. That is the reason I sent you
that test message. I down loaded a new version of Eudora from their www site
and installed it. It's a little different than the one I had. I'll probably
buy the Eudora Pro version some day.

I ran across something the other day that I hadn't thought of (imagine
that!). We were studying doulos "servant" in sunday school. When I looked it
up in my ...gulp ...analytical it showed it as an adjective. I thought it
was a noun, so I looked it up in Machen and there it was "o doulos". I know
that adjectives can be used substantivally, but it seems strange that doulos
is listed as an adjective but never used adjectivally. I wonder if it's just
because some words are used in all three genders that they are listed
catagorically as adjectives. What do you think?


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