From: Carlton Winbery (winberyc@popalex1.linknet.net)
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 13:43:41 EST

Bruce Terry wrote:
>I am coming out of my memory on this, so it may be faulty. I believe the TEV
>was written on about a 6th or 7th grade level.

This is inaccurate. I have heard Eugene Nida explain the target audience
for the TEV on several occasions and even had him lecture to my classes at
New Orleans on this subject. The goal of the TEV was what is known as
common English. It is not related to any particular Educational level but
the language between formal English but above colloguial English. The
closest thing to this is the language of the Newspapers. This in not a
limited vocabulary but the vocabulary readily recognized by the majority of
News readers.

> It seems like I have read that
>the CEV is on about a 3rd grade reading level.

This also is incorrect. The CEV has as its target, the language of the
family. The language of literature intended for teenagers and below was
used in editing and correcting this translation.

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