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From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Mon Nov 27 1995 - 16:57:30 EST

Philip Graber asks about the Contemporary English Version, sobject of
a newsrelease I sent to the List earlier today. No, it is not a revision
of the TEV. It is a completely new translation, which had as its target
audience: Teenagers, adults without high school education, English-as-a-
second-language users, and so on. Hard to believe, but TEV ("Good News
Bible") proved to be too difficult for large segments of the public!

What was interesting was that the translation also dealt with this other issue,
which no translation hitherto has tackled. Groups such as the American
Interfaith Institute have been calling for this, long since.

I haven't yet seen the Old Testament, but I bought a copy of the NT
about three years ago. It's titled BIBLE FOR TODAY'S FAMILY: New Testament.
It is especially striking that this translation came out over four years
ago, received the Roman Catholic Imprimatur in March 1991, and yet no
publicity has ever before called attention to this aspect of the translation.
The publication of the entire Bible this fall must have been the stimulus
for it; but the translation of "the Jews" as "the people" or "the leaders"
or "the Jewish leaders" is entirely in the NT.

Edward Hobbs

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