RE: Bible study software.

From: D. Peterson (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 03:14:31 EST

>Paul Dixon asked about Bible study software.

Do I use it? A whole lot.

My personal favorites: for Windows-BibleWorks, for Macintosh On Line Bible.

Both have original language support, good search features, many
translations into both English and other languages, good export functions,
good cross references, etc.

Here is why I think using a computer for this kind of study is useful:

1. You have exhaustive concordances for every single version you
install-BHS, N26, LXX, NIV, NRSV, RSV, KJV, Reina-Valera, Luther, etc. You
can look up specific phrases as well-this week I used "Day of the Lord" to
get a set of OT references for a discussion of eschatology. Imagine how
long that takes with a regular concordance.

2. You can look up by root, by inflection, etc. If you want to know how
often Paul uses the first person present tense in his letters, you can do
it in a flash.

3. You can move text into lesson notes, sermons, newsletters instantly.

4. You can get cross-references, footnotes, commentaries at the push of a
button. [Personally I think Robinson's Word Pictures is very useful for
improving my Greek--he points out a number of fine points. ]

5. In my experience, reading other translations can help me see a text in a
new light. The more translations available the better. Its a lot easier to
work with the electronic version than all those volumes of books.

Too bad that Anchor Bible Dictionary is not available on CD rom.....

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