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Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 04:16:37 EST

Sorry, I sent this only to Ken the first time!

> Does anyone have suggestions for a book to get or avoid to learn the
>Greek vocabulary of the NT which occurs less than 10X? I've got
>Metzger's lexical aids to do 10X or more, but nothing that is a
>vocabulary book to learn the less-frequent vocab. I know of a couple of
>titles but our bookstore only has one so I can't compare them.
>Ken Litwak
>Bezerkley, CA

I have found Warren C. Trenchard's book on NT Greek Vocabulary very good.


The Student's Complete Guide to the Greek New Testament: Complete frequency
lists, cognate groupings and principal parts

Published: 1992 Zondervan - Grand Rapids
ISBN: 031-053-341-4
OCLC: 26767217

This has all the GNT vocab in frequency order (so ho, hn, to is first down
to the words that occur only once.) I have found this very helpful for
learn vocab. I have used the book so much that I finally had to have it
rebound (into a ring binder which is better - the bounding seems to be less
than the best.) Hope this helps.

keith a. clay

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